What Type of Countertop Is Right for You? – DIY Home Decor Ideas

colored concrete, stone, and quartz composites.

This video will aid you know the top choices of countertop materials. Therefore, without further delay we’ll get going.


It’s a premium natural stone, which usually is characterized by less color patterns as granite. It is also porosity and is soft. This is the reason it’s not as impervious to staining as granite.


Granite countertops have become popular when you find high-end low-cost kitchens. Granite countertops are usually made by local fabricators and can be purchased at any store or kitchen that sells home improvement products.

Slate and Soapstone

The majority of them are in lighter colours than granite. Moreover, generally, it’s dark and dark greenish black. Although lighter grey-green slabs are popular, the majority are dark and green. The soapstone is porous and must be sealed by using mineral oil to reduce staining, and it is also non-porous and maintenance-free. Additionally, you can achieve a smooth-matte appearance from the slate with lemon oil applied to the surface.


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