The Top Questions to Ask Child Custody Attorneys – Discovery Videos

You must alter the arrangements for child custody. If the court’s order currently in place doesn’t work for you anymore, then you must seek a modification order. It is necessary to talk to child custody lawyers for the result you desire. An attorney from the family provides guidance into the kinds of questions you should ask prior to meeting with them. These are the kinds of questions a judge will ask, and your attorney with will help you come up with the right answers to them.

Here are a handful of the issues. What has changed within your life, or in the environment which require you to obtain a modification or change request? Perhaps you or your parent might be in prison or leaving the state.

What are you specifically looking to alter? Maybe you and your other parent share legal power to decide and you’d like to alter the terms of the agreement to ensure you get the final say. Also, it could be that you wish to change the parenting schedule. Whatever adjustments you make it is important to be prepared to show how the change is good for your child. There are a few key queries that attorneys for child custody must ask.


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